CANNON Industries is a sheet metal company located in the south of France with a secondary establishment in Morocco.

The problem of this company was to manage its flow of production from the registering of the order to the delivery.

-        Ongoing really important

-        Too much stock

-        Customer service rate near 20%


The action taken jointly with the company A3 Management - I in June 2009 consisted in the set up of a Lean manufacturing action in both companies.

This operation lasted 4 months, during which the entire recast of our flow of production has been initiated, as well as the training of our different stakeholders. This resulted into the entire relocation of our workshops by splitting the different flows of production with the setting up of main indicators.

Results have been spectacular, both in the speed of actions and the modification of our cycles of production. The service rate quickly reached almost 70% with controlled time cycle. The gain in surface has been of 30%, which allows us now to initiate a new action in order to free one of our three building, which will make the action of A3 Management – I fully profitable only on this point.

At the end of these actions, we invited our main customers who could notice the progress made, of our level of activity which since then, keep growing.


                                        P. Berthiaud

                                      General manager

In order to improve our manufacturing process and the profitability of our business, the management of REYES CONSTRUCTIONSasked for an audit at the beginning of the year 2010 by an external consultant, A3 Management-I.

The necessity to have an outsider's perspective in our Supply Chain and manufacturing process has been determinant to create a « break » and to progress quickly.

At the end of this audit, the A3Management-I company as been selected and intervened on two of our sites for around twenty days in order to implement Flow -Lean Manufacturing and to work concurrently on flows' strains.

The goal was to maximise the whole Supply Chain (upstream flow, production, downstream flow) by lowering stocks, the transit time for manufactured products in order to better manage our production but also to have a better visibility of our flows.

The removing of « red » (costs non funded by the customer) has been really efficient. The effectiveness raised up of more than 20%. The « 5S » has been concurrently implemented.

The setting up of indicators for the follow up of our action plans allowed us to bring new working conditions to the operators, they have a better view of the coming workload, their performance and especially, to the customer's point of view.

A3 Management-Ibrought us tough and efficient working methodologies allowing us to highly reduce our cycles (an average of 10 days), to have gain on our square meters of production (around 30%) but also on our WCR.

A new method for controlling process, allowing us to reach and to respect a service level of 98%, has been set on each of the manufacturing process.

All the actors of the Supply Chain has been involved (from the management to the operators but also our customers) in order to progress jointly. Relying on a daily animation approach, the dynamic of implementation has been outstanding and quick.

The Lean has been integrated in an ongoing process of improvement which will be implemented on every REYES CONSTRUCTION's sites.






Our Company of annexes and pneumatic floats « Zodiac Marine and Pool » wants to increase its industrial performance.

In order to help us, we asked the company A3management-I represented by Mr Jean-Charles Dubart to implement the LEAN Manufacturing methods on our manufacturing lines.

Their study analysis of flows and their industrial experience allowed us to greatly reduce the outstanding and to increase the speed of transit of the products in our manufacturing workshops.

The implication of the supervisory staff and of the operators in particular has been the major asset of this success.

Not only we can now meet our commitment within the delivery delays, but we also won in efficiency.

The staff moves less and both the organisation and the new workshop architectures allow us to obtain significant gain in productivity in quality and security.

Thanks to a better organisation, the know-how of the operators isn't polluted by various movements through shortages of components.

The intervention of A3Management-Iallowed us to boost our line of production. We could show to the General Management our ability to adapt ourself, to improve our delays and operating costs.



Director of Industrial Site




2012 wishes from the General Directorate (extract).


I thank each of you for his essential contribution to our projects.

Our process are now reliable. Our costs and the rationalisation of our different techniques of production are particularly controlled.

I wish you a pleasant holiday for end of the year and send you my best wishes for health and happiness in 2012.










As a subsidiary of the US Northrop Grummam Group, we build special machines for postal groups around the world.

We expected a reduction of our activity and we needed guidance about that in order to have an important reduction of fixed prices.

Anyhow, we wanted this reduction to be wise and consistent, in order to preserve the potential in case of upturn in the activity.


A3Management-Ithus intervened within the headquarters in Paris area and our main factory in the country.


Their analysis allowed to phase the resources of various services with the needs determined by the downtime.

The methods used, which have proven extremely effective, are those used for the analysis of operation of industrial activities.

This work has thus been accomplished in few time.

Not only we've been able to meet our annual objectives, but also to show to the Group our ability for adaptation.


                                   The Management.

AMETEK Czech Republik & Italy (an AMETEK USA subsidiary)


Ametek is using JCD from several years in particular for
following main projects:
-reorganize Global Supply Chain at Europe level
-improve production efficiency in one of Italian factory
We consider JCD a consultant company with very
high level of professionalism able to understand problems
and propose solutions at theorist and also operative level.

Sure we will continue to use also in future




CEO Business unit Europe.






The Group ILTOM, consisting of 14 factories distributed in Europe, wanted to improve its industrial performance to remain very competitive in a tough competitive world.
The latter consists of two axes:
- Order processing, effectiveness, cycle reduction, removal of all unpaid time by the clients.
- A desire to increase cash flow with the implementation of an approach to control the coverage rates of the component inventory, the work in progress and the finished goods based on their consumption.
We asked the A3 Management-I Company to meet our expectations and achieve the objectives set.
Initially, the A3 Management-I Company intervened in the ILTOM factory located in Italy.
Two complementary approaches were deployed:
- Lean Manufacturing;
- Supply Chain.
The results obtained were in line with the objectives previously defined, the capability of our consultant to integrate the local parameters and to unite our teams to empower them was also one of the strengths of this intervention.

Further to the results obtained, we entrusted to the A3 Management-I Company the multiplication of these approaches in two other of our companies, the ABBAX Company and the PAILLET Company both in France.
We will continue to work with the A3 Management-I Company in our other factories according to our defined schedule and our capability to “digest” these new concepts.


Luca Venturelli
CEO ILTOM Group of companies