The Operations Department must provide for :


- increasing customer satisfaction and preserving or increasing the market share ,

- giving visibility to the suppliers,

- facilitating negotiations with the latter and gaining in cost of purchase,

- measuring the accuracy of forecast,

- anticipating the right needs of components by integrating the  quantities - time parameters,

- producing for the actual customer needs, and not for stock,

- adapting the elasticity of the industrial tool according to the expected level of service,

- increasing the efficiency of the industrial tool (man/machine) and gaining in productivity,

- reducing stocks and gaining in use of funds,

- controlling each complete link chain (suppliers - factory - customers),

- improving the logistic preparation and gaining in delivery costs,

- easing the work of sales representatives and gaining in margin on the product/customer mix,

- avoiding any kind of loss.


For this purpose, the preparation and the configuration of the Master MPS (Master Production Schedule) is essential.


A3 Management-I, after analysis of the existing elements, particularly by means of IS (Information system), recommends the configuration data  in order to obtain a better visibility, by means of its tested methodology.


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