We start with one day FREE on site, with one or more members of the Board or of the shareholding.


An overall vision then emerges though non-detailed but enabling to detect some possible points of improvement and a proposal for a thorough diagnosis in the fields of industrial performance and industrial management (“supply chain”) along with its financial components.


By means of the know-how and the tools developed through our experience, A3 Management-I is able to draw a diagnosis during a 3 to 10 days period following complexity. But this requires a high availability of the teams and information system of the company. This point is fundamental for the success of the mission of diagnosis.

This shows the ability to raise proposals for actions with quantified commitments.


Then we can conduct the implementation of the proposed changes.

The duration depends on the complexity of the suggested changes, of the state of mind of the teams, the presence or absence of human bridge ....., but we always deal with our culture of result ingrained in our mind. We want customer satisfaction.


After our duties and as an option, we we can support the teams from time to time to ensure the progress of the proposed changes.
A reorientation, a reminder, some adjustments of indicators, a change of key personnel etc…can be the reasons.








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