Our methodology

The optimization of an industrial management requires to control many parameters:
 - commercial request (price, times…),
 - complexity of the processes,
 - total cycle of manufacture,
 - elasticity of the tool (reactivity to adjust the capacity men/machines),
 - flow from suppliers,
 - adaptation of the buildings,
 - etc….
A3 MANAGEMENT-I proposes to check each one of these factors with simple ideas:
 - to produce for the customer request and not for the stock,
 - total optimization is privileged compared to the control of a link,
 - elimination of the logistic interfaces without or with little added value,
 - management in contracts of times for all the links,
 - daily respect of the contracts of times at the level of each link,

 - stocks are a consequence and not an objective,
 - permanent measurement to be reactive,
 - animation with short and corrective action plan intervals.
 - has tools tested to define the means and deadlines,
 - the experiment of change helps deploying piloting and animation with short intervals,
 - knows how to make a change of the organization to be accepted,
 - eases the transfer of competence,
 - can work out the indicators,
 - ensures a later follow-up by proposing adjustments (in option).
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