A3 MANAGEMENT-I means highly qualified corporate advisors, with a specialization in industrial performance, industrial management (“supply chain”) and in financial management (for example, working capital).

We give a critical eye, a method of analysis and we are then able to implement our recommendations on a voluntary basis. We give support to all levels of the company, either for specific interventions in the short run or for a total project in the long run.
Our core target is the industrial SME from 100 to 1,000 people, independent or integrated into a group, but also the large groups for which the action can be compartmentalized.
We are a specialized office at a human scale. We are not a group with manpower which should absolutely “be put”. We do not submit thick reports or unnecessary “PowerPoint” presentations.
All our steps are aimed at action and efficiency and a permanent concern that the customer has the feeling of having made a profitable investment by calling upon our services.
This is our best advertisement ..........!!!!



Our distinctive advantages:
- A tested methodology

- Tested tools.
- An experiment calling upon human resources to carry out the transfer of competency.
- A stated speediness in execution.
- A permanent concern to have a satisfied customer.

What else?
The fees : they are quickly shown as a profit.
The transfer of competencies part is available for the "training" budget according to French Law.


Our services:

Our core know-how can be listed as the redefinition of the core trade, organization of the distribution towards customers, negotiations with suppliers,  release of orders, organization of internal physical flows, planning,  re-injection of Production Orders, the delayed differentiation, packing, delivery, and measurement with short intervals to facilitate the daily decision-making at "ground" level, chasing for process without added value etc.....

This can be associated with a business control system and a management information system.


In addition, if we have to manage a crisis, we know how to deal with it.


Our arguments: You may please look at our certified references.



Our services


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